Elect Marckeith DeJesus
United States Senate 2020

               Meet Marckeith DeJesus

Born in Manhattan NY on July 22 and reared in Augusta, GA, Marckeith completed his education in the Richmond County public school system. Marckeith attended Savannah State University and moved to Atlanta in April 1998. As a resident of District 39 for six years, Marckeith is a member of the following organizations: SCLC, NAACP Atlanta Chapter, Urban League of Atlanta and the Healthcare Financial Management Association; he is also active with the Alzheimer’s Association and the GA Democratic Party.

On April 01, 2016 Candidate Marckeith was voted as the Chairman of a 501(c)(3) company, New National Gainesville, Norcross & Metro Connection by its board members and in December 2016 MarcKeith became a board member of the Piedmont Heights Civic Association.

Marckeith believes that politicians should be held accountable for their campaign promises and should be transparent to the voters who placed them in office. Marckeith supports and is passionate about:


  • Common Sense Gun Safety
  • Slowing Climate change and protecting the environment 
  • Transitioning from a minimum wage to a Livable wage
  • Medicaid expansion
  • Continued funding for Medicare and Social Security
  • Voter Rights & protecting the Voting Rights Act
  • Education
  • Competitive pay for Educators
  • Military & Veteran affairs
  • Law Enforcement reform and accountability
  • Equal Rights 
  • Protecting Dreamers and immigrants
  • Small Businesses
  • Women's rights
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Protecting the ACA